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Shaharov A

Independent Kazakhstan today is known to the world as a prosperous and stable state with its inherent interethnic unity, social justice, economic well-being of the whole population. The pace of development of the RK today allows us to take the present with confidence and look to the future with optimism. 

Our significant contribution to this state business is also made by our district Baiterek.

 We in our district Baiterek tried to make the most of the favourable opportunities created in the country, and today the serious potential of our region is in demand and effectively used. We have achieved tangible results in the agrarian complex, capital construction, transport, the development of small and medium- sized business and in other areas. The growing pace of development of leading sectors of the economy allow us to successfully implement major social programs for the development of health, education and culture, steadily improving the quality of life of the population of the region. The District Baiterek is known far beyond the West Kazakhstan region for its agrarian and industrial potential. It is traditionally called the main grain breadbasket of the region. District Baiterek, like the whole of Kazakhstan, is actively developing today, and we are interested in attracting new technologies and investments. Establishment of ties, business partnership in the sphere of economy, science and culture, sure will contribute to broadening the horizons of our cooperation.

 This site is the first step towards the realization of the idea of “e- government”, when every visitor, resident of the district, entrepreneur and investor can get maximum information and answer the question posed.

 I hope the official site of the district Baiterek will help its visitors to orient themselves most effectively and participate in the life of the district, to find new friends and business partners.

Yours faithfully

akim of district Baiterek

Shaharov Askhat Berleshevich




Visitors to veterans of World War II.



Today akim of the district Askhat Shakharov and secretary of the regional Maslikhat Ramazan Ismagulov visited the World War II veteran Makar Doroshenko. As part of the month of mercy, a meeting was held with the front - line soldier.

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At a briefing spoke about the socio-economic development of the region



Today the district akim Askhat Shakharov  at a briefing with journalists of the region  spoke àbout the  socio-economic development of the region. The district akim spoke about  the plans for the development of infrastucture, the construction of land relations, support of small and  medium - sized  businesses and the modernization of religiuos education.

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Open akimt in Kushum



Today in the village of Bolshoy Shagan in the Kushum rural district the akim of the district Askhat Shakharov, the district prosecutor Danyar Tulegenov and the heads of departments and the institutions held a public reception.

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