To ensure the safe conduct of the spring flood in 2018, a meeting of the regional commission for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations was held ahead of the flood period, the plan of the event was approved, and the contact numbers of the anti-flood headquarters were placed in the district newspaper "Auyl Tynysy". From the district's reserve for needs 3016000 tengewas allocated, 10,000 pieces of bags, 6000 liters of fuel and 300 tons of gravel sand were purchased. In all rural districts there is organized a duty.

Deputies of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerbolat Mukaev and Nariman Toregaliev met with residents of Michurin village of Zelenov district.

Akim of Zelenovskiy district Askhat Shaharov, Acting Prosecutor Berik Suinshaliyev and heads of departments and departments visited Yanvarsev village.

This year Nauryz holiday in Zelenovsky district was very expressive. The population, which celebrated for several days in a row, had a special festive mood.

Each holiday was called "Renaissance Day", "Day of Purification", "Day of Plenty", "Day of Spring Swelling", "Flowering Day", "Joy Day", "Harmony Day". In the final "Day of the Equinox" conclusions and a result of the celebration were drawn.

It is very important to note that the great holiday was celebrated in the auls in a special way.

Akim of the region Askhat Shaharov addressed the holiday with congratulations. Akim himself visited the holiday every day and congratulated the population.

Akim of the district Askhat Shakharov and his assistant Rinat Shaukenov and emergency specialists of the district visited the villages of Asan and Michurin, which is in danger of flood, familiarized with the progress of the accident prevention.

The war that began in 1979 lasted 10 years. On February 15, 1989, Soviet troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan. 22 thousand Kazakhstanis took part in this war, 761 of them were killed, 21 were missing. Since then, 29 years have passed. Today, a number of events took place in the regional center for veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

The length of the water pipes in the Zelenovsky District is 148.2 km. A centralized water pipeline was conducted in 28 settlements. Last year, the villages of Akzhol, Pavlovo, Shchapovo, Kushum, Makarovo received access to clean drinking water. Now the water pipeline is being restored in the village of Volodarka. Thanks to this work, water supply reached 64%. In the village of Daryinskoe, 8 streets were repaired.